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Antarctica, Argentina

Known as the “last continent” or the “white continent”, Antarctica is the largest water reserve on Earth. It occupies a surface of 14,677,000 square kilometers around the South Pole.

Its daily life is ruled by the Antarctic Treaty System, which sets forth that several countries have permanent occupation of this territory but must develop scientific and research activities and by all means avoid any alteration on the environment.

Unlike the North Pole, which is a layer of floating ice, Antarctica is continental land and if we think in the long term, one of the richest on the planet, as it contains 90 % of freshwater world reserve. A thick layer of ice covers more than 95 % of its territory and it is the highest continent, as it reaches 2,300 meters MSL.

Its beauty has been the subject of documentaries, photographs and a huge number of expeditions that have landed on this territory in order to discover what days are like on the white continent.

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